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Please use this form to submit details of your event. I think the fields to fill in are pretty self explanatory but if you’re not sure what they mean email for further explanation.

I don’t want to set rigid rules on what events are acceptable but please keep it to “folky” or “rootsy” events within easy travelling distance of Bromyard. A blues concert in Ledbury would be OK but a Grateful Dead reunion weekend in the Orkneys would not!

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At the risk of stating the obvious, "Monthly By Date" means the event runs on same date every month (e.g. 23rd); "Monthly by Day" means it runs on same day (e.g. 3rd Tuesday).

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Thanks for your suggestion. If acceptable it will appear in our calendar shortly. If not acceptable we’ll email you to say why, unless it’s a frivolous submission in which case we’ll just ignore you!

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