Bodenham Folk Club

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A new folk club is starting at Bodenham on Friday 28th February 2014 at 7.30 pm.

Run by Peter Hollingsworth it is to be held at Bowley Court – map here.

Here’s is Pete’s circular that provides all you need to know:

The VINEYARD FOLK CLUB  Bowley Court  Bodenham

Friday 28th February 7.30pm to 10.30pm

As some will know, I’ve presumptuously taken the liberty of trying to begin a folk club here in Bodenham, and am now writing asking for your support. 

Though there are various pub-based ‘sessions’ in Herefordshire, to my knowledge there are few actual folk clubs.  ‘The Floor’, which ran very successfully at St. Michael’s near Tenbury for many years recently ‘ceased trading’.  A club runs at Rushwick near Worcester once a month; as does a club at Brimfield.  So perhaps, locally, it’s a good time to ‘give it a go’. 

I see the ‘VINEYARD’ differing from ‘sessions’ as follows – though there may well be some adjustments:

THE VENUE is an attractive room above the café at Broadfield Court (as used for a successful event during Bodenham Spring Festival last year).  There is a large open car park, loos, but no bar (though a possibility of one in the future), so if you do decide to come, ‘bring your own’!  The room comes at a hire cost which should not be difficult to meet out of a small ‘on the door’ charge (£2.50) – initially for all, whether contributing or just listening.  Dependent on how things move on, it’s hoped to remove this fee for contributors.  

ACCOUSTICS in the room are excellent, and without ‘competition’ (from noisy bars?!), the intimacy of ‘unplugged’ performances should work well.

Unlike sessions (where I for one sometimes try out new material on long suffering fellow musicians), I envisage the VINEYARD FOLK CLUB as providing music of sufficient quality to attract local people, ie. an audience!.   We all have, I think, our personal ’showpieces’ – and it’s these that would perhaps best be aired.   In time, it may be possible to split the evening: one half being a hosted sing/play around…followed by one or two featured artists/groups.  However, for this inaugural gig there are no ‘featured’ artists!

So…it would be really helpful, if you anticipate ‘being there’, to let me know ‘asap’ – this will also book your ‘spot’ in the evening!   Depending on numbers, I’ll try though to ensure everyone has opportunity to contribute.

If you’ve any query’s, drop me an email, or call 01568 797623…and if you’ve made it to the end, thanks.

Pete Hollingsworth”

I’m intending to be there so let’s give the venture a good start by turning out in numbers!

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3 Responses to Bodenham Folk Club

  1. UK Folk Music says:

    I’ll add you to our A to Z of Folk Clubs…I hope this helps – Good luck with the club.

  2. sal says:

    This is a great idea. I’ll be there

  3. Phil Heinricy says:

    Sadly, this venue is no more.

    Pete Hollingsworth has moved to the wilds of West Wales and the availability of the venue was uncertain, so I’m afraid it is looking for a new organiser and a new venue.

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