Brimfield Folk Club

roebuck inn brimfieldJust had the following update from Roger Penwill regarding the folk evening in Brimfield:

Following a change of landlord at the Roebuck Inn in Brimfield, the pub’s bar now houses a pool table, meaning there is no longer space for the Roebuckaneers Folk Club to meet.

We have therefore decanted to to the nearby Brimfield Village Hall and changed the club’s name to the somewhat less inventive but more appropriate Brimfield Folk Club.

We continue to meet at 8pm on the 1st Monday of each month with the same format as before. The entrance fee is now £1 and it’s bring your own drinks.  Contact and phone number is me as before, same number 01584 711854.

I’d be grateful if you would amend the club listing on the Bromyard Music Sessions site, please.

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