Goodbye From Bromyard Sessions

bromyard sessionsI’ve been running this site, Bromyard Sessions, for over ten years now and hope it has helped a few venues and artists get people in the door.

I am seriously considering closing the site in the next week or two, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I rarely, if ever, get any feedback so wonder if anyone cares whether the site is here or not.
  2. My business has recently pulled out of internet services so I’ll soon need to pay for hosting and other services whereas up to now it’s only cost me time.
  3. Although it doesn’t take up a lot of my time there are other things I would rather spend that time on.

If anyone wants to share any compelling reasons to keep going please leave a comment or email me. I am really truly not fishing for compliments just anything I might not have thought of.

Same applies if anyone thinks they might want to take it over from me.

I’ll keep the site up till first week of October but will then shut it down if nothing changes.



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2 Responses to Goodbye From Bromyard Sessions

  1. Phil Heinricy says:

    I have often referred to this site when checking for sessions at which to deafen people. Yes, many of them are covered by other sites, but it is the crossover which has served to bring me to new sources. Today, for example, I have spotted some new and barely remembered sessions in “the other place” (Worcestershire). Following up on those reminds me of others I’ve missed.
    Tony, your efforts have been appreciated, if not always acknowledged. Knowing it to be a labour of love and soon to be one that will be an expense, too, I understand your decision and have to admit that I would most likely have done likewise. One can only do so much.
    Thanks for everything and I hope to run in to you at a session before too long.

    • Tony Burt says:

      Thanks Phil. I still believe in music sessions as a good way for new performers to find their feet and experienced players to keep their hand in. Just think I need a break.

      It’s interesting that 169 visitors have looked at this post since I wrote it about 8 hours ago. The site doesn’t normally get that many in a week! But yours is the only comment – don’t really know what to make of that.

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