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The concertina is a free reed instrument invented in the 19th century for use in a wide variety of musical styles. There are three main varieties of concertina. The Anglo concertina works like a melodeon or harmonica in that each button has two notes – one note on the push stroke and one on the pull. The English concertina plays the same note in both directions with consecutive notes being placed on opposite ends of the instrument. The duet concertina has bass note buttons on the left hand end with trebles on the right.

Concertinas are used for playing tunes, especially Morris tunes, as well as accompanying traditional songs, either solo or as part of a band.

Granny’s Attic Playing In Broadwas

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards finalists, Granny’s Attic, will be playing at Broadwas Village Hall on Friday 11th April. The evening begins at 7:30pm, with tickets priced at £7.50 on the door, or £6.50 if booked in advance. To reserve … Continue reading

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Help With Concertina

Update: John has now found a concertina champion. Thanks for all the offers of help. Just had following email from a gentleman looking for advice regarding concertinas. If anyone can help please make contact  – his email is at the … Continue reading

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Concertina Museum

I just received a press release announcing the launch of a new online archive and museum exclusively dedicated to the concertina. I’ll copy the release in full below and urge you, if you have any interest at all in old … Continue reading

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